America got talent winners now ‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Reveals: Watch Now

America got talent winners . Therefore ‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Reveals: Watch Now

America’s got talent winners now ‘America’s Got Talent’?! Well, we’ve learning EXCLUSIVELY what the winner is going to spend the prize money on.!

America’s got talent winners now Darci Lynne, the adorable pint-sized ventriloquist, took home the prize this season! That means she beat out another equally talented youngster: Angelica Hale and her enormous voice! As devoted fans know, this means that Darci will be getting $1 million in prize! Curious what she has in mind for all that dough? Thankfully, we sat down with Darci prior to the finale and asked her that very question! And her response is simply too sweet! America got talent winners

I would do so many things with the million dollars, I can’t even name them all!” she told EXCLUSIVELY…

America's got talent winners now
America’s got talent winners now

“(Laughter) I need to get my mom a new dishwasher. Because now our dishwasher isn’t very good so we need a new one.” Aww! Just the cutest answer in the world..!

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What an insane ride America’s Got Talent has been this time round! It only makes sense that they end the show with one tearjerker of a sendoff! In no time, we learned that Mandy HarveySara & HeroLight Balance, Darci and Angelica were the top five. Therefore

But that meant that loads of fan-favorites, like Kechi, didn’t make the cut. Sigh. Before Angelica nabbed second place, Mandy landed at third and the dazzling dance troupe Light Balance snagged fourth. Nice and fine and lovely and cool enough…… great news she is very talented cool enough…..really lovely….. This is page is for entertainment and personal knowledge only…………. it has hot no link with the officials….. Therefore

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